COMING SOON! Christian. Activities. Mentoring. Program.

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Do you worry about the ever-growing challenges of the negative influence of social media or the attack on Christian values having a detrimental impact on the spiritual well-being of your child or teen?  What if you had a way to allow them to be in an atmosphere that was filled with adults being intentional with acting and reacting from their faith in Christ? Better yet, what if these adults viewed their role to your child, and all children in their sphere of influence, as that of mentor.  Sound exciting?  That is just what CAMP will have to offer to you and your family!!

CAMP will be a web-based opportunity for parents/guardians to find Christ-centered facilities for children and adolescents. Sport and activity facilities as well as Licensed Day Cares can become Camp Sites by the ownership having a personal interview with members of the Board of Directors of Transitions, signing a statement of faith as well as attending the certification training put on by the Transitions Executive Board.  After individual staff members of a Camp Site also go through the certification training and sign a statement of faith, they will be listed on the CAMP website as CAMP Counselors.

We are now accepting groups of candidates from sports centers, activities clubs and licensed daycares to become CAMP Sites.