Meet Ms. Vicki


Vicki loves to be challenged to reach her potential and to be “coached” in all areas of life. She has a huge passion for using her gifts for THE KINGDOM and assisting others to do the same! Mentoring others is her calling.

Ms. Vicki grew up in Mooresville, Indiana on the family farm with a slew of boy cousins, her brother and sister. This was part of what allowed her to enjoy all types of outdoor activities and sports of all sorts. Still close with her family today, Vicki loves to spend time with her parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and extended family.

Vicki has always been a very active person. Her favorite time of the year was when she was able to show beef cattle in 4-H at the Morgan County fair, which she did for 10 years. The summer after she was in sixth grade, Vicki began playing softball with a league in Mooresville. She loved the sport so much that she continued playing for nearly 40 years. During high school, Vicki also participated in cheerleading, a passion in which she has found in common with several of her mentees.

When she was 21, Vicki began her collegiate studies at Ball State University and earned her BS in Physical Education with a minor in Speech/Theatre. Remaining at Ball State University, she then earned her MA in Physical Education with an emphasis in Administration.

Ms. Vicki coaching gymnastics for the Special Olympics.

Ms. Vicki coaching gymnastics for the Special Olympics.

From there, Vicki went on to become a teacher at Concordia High School in Ft. Wayne, Indiana where she coached gymnastics and cheerleading, and was an assistant coach for volleyball. After teaching school, Vicki became the President and owner of Tumble Tots, Inc., a mobile pre-school gymnastics program. Continuing with her passion for the sport of gymnastics, Vicki also coached at Ball State University, North Central High School, Miss Juanita’s Apple Juice Kids Child Care, Jireh Sports Urban Minstry, and Charles A. Tindley Accelerated High School.

Still busy as ever, Vicki now is founder and Executive Director of Transitions Mentoring Ministry.