Fall Jubilee Gymnastics Meet


The Fall Jubilee is an annual gymnastics event held just prior to the beginning of the competitive club season. 

This meet is held at The Gymnastics Company East, just off of Brookville Road and 465 East in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The gymnasts are allowed to do partial or full-routines, their coaches can talk them through a routine and even spot them if necessary. Instead of a score, after each event, the judge gives a written critique on each athlete to help them to know what they did correctly and where they need to focus on to improve.
fall-jubilee-2As each team completes an event, the judge gathers all of the members of that team, plus their coach together and gives verbal critiques as well.  This is a fantastic training tool for both the gymnast and coach to know where to put their time going into the competitive season, as well as allow the athlete the opportunity to perform a skill and/or routine with the assistance of a coach that they are not quite ready to perform on their own.

Since scores are not given, there is not the anxiety of getting a low score or not placing well!

Teams typically come from all over the state, and the average number of gymnasts is usually around 100.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses as well as individuals in the form of their name appearing both on the event program and the event t-shirt.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!