Our Vision

Transitions vision is to enrich lives by creatively sharing hope through the eyes of faith in Christ.

Transitions founder, Vicki Wright, worked first with youth in the 1990’s through teaching gymnastics at an urban preschool.

In the 2000’s, she then coached many young gymnasts at an urban sports ministry. Several of the original pre-school students even followed.

With many of these former youth now entering college, Vicki learned of the devastating facts first hand of the Barna research, and a vision from God led her to bring this organization to life.

Barna Research states that a majority of those who are raised in the church and profess a personal faith in Christ, walk away after graduating from high school.

Transitions desires to use discipleship tools already available along with mentor-mentee accountability to assist in turning around that destructive statistic.


A commitment to excellence in and out of the classroom while in college and/or in the workplace. A Transitions mentor’s primary goal is to assist the mentee in recognizing and then flourishing in their God-given worth.

  • thanksgiving-laughingExhibits a growing confidence in how to make decisions from a biblical worldview.
  • A commitment to participate in an on-campus Christ-centered group, such as Navigators, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, CRU, the name of Campus Crusade For Christ in the United States, Inter-Varsity or other such like-minded groups.
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