Why Volunteer?


As a mentor you get the fulfilling opportunity to guide your mentee through the ‘how to’ of living  out a Biblical worldview as they go through life’s unfamiliar and challenging times. Our mission is to build faith and life-skills into 18-25 year old young adults. We accomplish this for our mentees through one-on-one mentoring, Discipleship Bible studies, and local service projects.

College or early work life become the building blocks for lives of success. Mentees become more adept at realizing how to deal with life challenges through applying their growing faith in Christ.

Barna research has shown that a majority of youth raised in the church and professing a faith in Christ, depart from their faith after graduating from high school. This statistic is the driving passion behind Transitions, notes Barna Research,

“Most youth pull away from participation and engagement in Christian churches, particularly during the ‘college years.’

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Research and experience have shown that for students to thrive and finish higher education, a strong mentor is a tipping point. Mentoring these youth through the obstacles builds their understanding of how to overcome unexpected barriers, some of which are due to the lifestyle choices made by their faith in Christ.

This time of TRANSITION sets the course and makes all the difference.